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Tips to UP freshmen

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Hi new Upians! Ug sa mga old UPians nga atribida, hi sad ninyo. :D

This morning, as I was on Twitter, I stumbled across this trend: TipstoUPfreshies. Because of that, I’m writing this post to give my own Tips to all you budding Isko and Iska. ;)


UP and Academics

So, you’re finally here. You’re officially a student of UP. Sa ingon sa mga tao, “the premiere university in the Philippines”. Most of you will be excited and at the same time going “ohshitohshitohshit magtarong najud ko” in fear. First tip, don’t be intimidated. The meek shall inherit the earth, ang mga baga’g nawng kay mu.enroll sa UP. Anyway, here are some helpful points on how to get a good start with your academics:

1. First Day Low. Your first major subjects class will go like this: roll call, introductions, teacher impresses you about UP and your course and then (most of the time) proceeds to start with the lessons.  Some teachers (mostly the good ones) will start by asking a difficult question. This question is supposed to scare you, so don’t let it. If you are the one being asked and you don’t know the answer, try to use your common sense and just wing it. Anyway, if you turn out to be wrong, it’s okay because you were meant to. Most first classes are supposed to impress you, so don’t worry if at first you can’t keep up with the lesson because sooner or later, YOU WILL HAVE TO (mwahahaha!).

2. Let’s face it,  most of you will probably get lower grades and test results than you got during high school. This is just a fact of life, so if you find that your first exam is a 70, don’t beat yourself up and just try to do better next time. Just remember that a lot of UPians would kill for a grade like that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for flat 1 though. I once yelled at a guy because he said Di daw ko makontento sa ako grado. Duh, as long as you’re not perfect, there’s always room for improvement.

3.Smart vs. Smartass. If you’re one of the lucky few who actually have a clue as to what the teacher is saying, here’s a piece  of advice. If you keep answering the teacher’s questions, if you give a lot of information, if you’re always first to raise your hand, you must understand that people find this annoying. You can be smart without being a smartass. OR you can say “meh, f**k it” and embrace your inner douchebag. Be a smartass just to piss them off!

4. All Nighters. Be ready to burn the midnight candles because some days are bound to get tough. There will be projects, reports, exams and other gods whom you have to sacrifice your sleep to. It’s something all of us have to go through so don’t lose sleep over it – or rather, DO lose sleep over it.

5. Use the Source. Freshies, you will have to learn this sooner or later. Never copy-paste any of your assignments from wikipedia or wherever nimo If you don’t want to write any original content then at the very least paraphrase the contents that you copy-pasted. Better yet, cite the source using footnotes or parentheses like this (Artiaga 2011) and then write the full citation at the end of your paper. Some teachers will threaten to have you drop your subjects for this. I remember when me and my friend waved around A DROPPING FORM while singing O Fortuna (skip to 2:12) in front of our scared classmates who got caught copy-pasting their work and were asked by the teacher to drop the class. Don’t worry, they were able to apologize for it so they didn’t have to drop.

6. Blue books are everything. For those of you who weren’t listening to the orientation, the blue book is where most teachers will have you write the answers to the exams on. It also contains the general rules to follow during exams at the back page so I suggest you buy one from the LIBRARY soon to read up on those guidelines before you actually have an exam. I’m sure those who listened to the orientation and the higher years will agree with me… ehehehe.

7. Don’t be a drone, just be a geek. Sometimes because everyone smart enough to figure out that something is wrong with the lecture is too shy to question the teacher, wrong information is taught to the students. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher to clarify his/her point. Ask until you can find out what the source of the misunderstanding is. If you’re convinced that the professor misunderstood the material, tell them (respectfully, mind you) that your understanding is different and argue your point (gently or the prof will fail you). UP professors are good (well, most of them anyway) but they aren’t right all the time. I can even think of one or two who aren’t right MOST of the time. Don’t be a mindless drone who takes all information in without thinking about it.

8. Wag magpatakot sa mga mumu. Some higher year UPians will scare you with horror stories about a particular terror teacher or terror class (Discrete math, Anal chem, etc.). Don’t be afraid of these classes. Everyone experiences each class differently and your fear of a particular teacher or subject might just psych you out of performing well. Also, check out who’s telling the story. Odds are, those who give you the most negative feedback are the ones who failed the class themselves. Not a very impartial source of input, methinks.

9. Ask for help from The Old Ones. Even Pocahontas asked for help from the ancient spirits, so why shouldn’t you? Befriend the upperclassmen of your program so that you can ask for their help later on. I can’t promise that they can answer your homework off the top of their head but they might however direct you to a certain reference or give a certain keyword which you can search. Also, you can borrow your books from them to save money. Just remember to return those books in good condition though.

10. Have fun. First year is the time when you have the least workload so use this time to have the total UP experience. Pagkiat-kiat mo! Go! Cultivate your love life and social life. Join an org and explore your idealistic tendencies. Start drinking… coffee! jk. Di pa bitaw mo at the legal age to drink alcohol guys so DON’T DO IT… wink-wink ;)

Just enjoy your first year while you still can. You will miss how easy it is now when you’re a fourth year student.


Freshies Night

BTW freshies, don’t forget to attend Freshies’ Night 2011 this July 8. It’s a student activity within the campus for Freshies as a sort of welcome party into the school. Aside from the bands, there will also be other talents and activities as well as a showcase of presentations from the school orgs so that you can scout for the orgs you like if you are interested in joining school orgs. It will be a fun night so see you all there.


More tips?

Also, if you liked this post, I might be posting on related topics soon so keep in touch.

Nullus anxietas :)


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Fun with the möbius strip

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This is what I found while I was surfing in wikipedia.

Meet the Möbius Strip:

He may not talk much, but this is one pretty cool little guy.

By the way, Mobius is supposed to be spelled with an o with an umlaut (Two dots on top of the o)

What makes him so cool?

Well, it’s only got one side. If were to run my finger along the length of this strip, I would be able to run it all around the strip and back to its starting point without ever having to cross over an edge. I just made my finger feel like Magellan! XD

A model of a Möbius strip can be constructed by joining the ends of a strip of paper with a single half-twist. Humor me and try this at home. Ask you mom for help with the scissors :P

Then paste the ends together.

Yeah, that’s me, my sketchpad and a webcam.

Notice the black line along the length of the strip?

Wikipedia says: “Cutting a Möbius strip along the center line yields one long strip with two full twists in it, rather than two separate strips; the result is not a Möbius strip.”

Surprising? Hey, don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.

Wanna know what happens if you cut this like you did with the Mobius strip?

Okay, so you probably knew about this Möbius strip already, but cool no?

See what happens if the strip is cut along about a third of the way in from the edge, as in two cuts that divide the strip to three small strips.

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