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Last Tuesday I had this rather amusing experience while riding a jeep.

So I was sitting there, riding the 06H from Guadalupe to Ayala when I noticed that the driver was slightly deaf. There was no conductor so people had to tell the guy repeatedly where they were going and how many seats did they pay for. As in asa munaog, pila’y plitihan. It was a source of minor annoyance to the passengers and they were smiling sardonically and making eye contact to each other in that universal “jeez, can you believe this [insert unspecified service provider]?” look that people give each other when they’re being served poorly at queues, or in this case, riding a bad jeep.

Sometime while we were at the bridge near capitol, one particular guy from the end of the jeep (near the “doorway”) gave his fare to the driver and told him where he was going.

let's say it was this guy

It was a 20 so the driver had to give the change. Of course, the driver missed what the guy said, so later as we were at Cebu Doc already, the driver asked pila’y ipliti for the 20 and where it was going. The guy, nga utro sad wa gabantay, had his earphones on and was staring aimlessly at the windows so he didn’t hear the question.

something like this, but with a crowded jeep

It was really bothering me too because every so often, the driver would ask the question again and he still didn’t take notice. I was kind of midway between the two of them, so after the umpteenth repitition by the driver – and we were already at Escario Church at this point – I decided to intervene. I told the guy “Ang baynti daw“.

And the guy heard me. He took off his earphones. I seem to recall that I said “Ang baynti daw” again. Disturbed from his thoughts and distracted for a second, his only reply was…

“Uh. Oo. Akoa na.”


Unya kung imo na? Instead of telling the driver where he wanted to be dropped off and that the fare was only for one person, why not just tell him that the 20 is yours?

So my eyes went wide for a bit. I had to turn and face the other direction to hide my evil laugh.

Luckily, the driver asked again and the guy told him he was dropping off at Golden Peak, so I didn’t have to worry for too long about him seeing me laughing. :P


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October 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm

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