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07B and Fabulous Nails

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Guess what happened on my 07B ride today. and by today I mean Jan 26 because I will post this way, way later. So many blog ideas, so little time

I was waiting for the jeep to arrive and it was very hot. It was noon and I was commuting from Maria Paloma to Guadalupe. When the faded yellow 07B finally arrived, empty because it was the terminus of the jeep route, I immediately hopped on to front seat. I like to sit there because a lot of jeeps have mirrors so I can check if my face hasn’t fallen off or anything. Also because mirrors make narcissists happy.

Anyway, the jeep rode on to its usual route and my eyes wandered to the street, my reflection, the trees, people trying to catch the jeep, my reflection again, the drivers feet,…

…the drivers feet.

It had nail art on it. Angry birds nail art. The red bird. It wasn’t some cheap, ready-made, stick-on nails too. I can tell somebody actually took the effort to hand-paint them to those nails. I was like…

because I couldn't be bothered to draw my own illustration

His feet in general were pretty neat too. I’m used to seeing jeep drivers just have greasy, dust-smeared feet with long unkempt toenails and cracked calluses on the soles. This guy’s feet were relatively dainty in comparison. The nails were trimmed, and it looked like he had just washed his feet. With soap!

Keep in mind, this jeepney driver was the stereotypical macho man. You know the type. Blue collar salt-of-the earth family man with shaved head and manly stubble-beard. Stocky, beer-influenced build. He looked like he could break me in two with his pinkie toe. His fabulous angry birds pinkie toe.

Oh gods, just remembering my reaction to those nails.

Anyway, he must have felt self conscious with my fat face staring at his pedicure. So what did he do? He changed from his flip-flops into his trendy slip-on shoes. Vans shoes, because he’s fabulous like that.


This post was brought to you by Stacey’s concert and an ominous organ.


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January 29, 2012 at 8:32 pm

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Queer Theology?

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Last weekend somebody on facebook invited me to a forum on queer theology: “Let us tell the world of His Love” Part 2.

This is the event poster

Why, you might ask, would I ever go to an event with “Theology” on its title? Because Queer Theology was just way too interesting a title, of course. >:)

I was wondering how this Theologian was gonna reconcile the gay rights movement with Christian doctrine. It was promising to be a particularly juicy presentation. If you know me, you know that I just love bursting somebody’s bubble, and I was expecting more of that Catholic accomodationist claptrap we have come to know and hate. I’ve even had lines of reasoning prepared.

As a matter of fact, I was a little disappointed. Everything went better than I expected. Instead of what more “love the sinner” garbage, the speaker was actually quite sincerely pro-gay and doesn’t stick to the dogma. And I didn’t even get to use my kung fu.

The speaker, Karl James Villarmea, focused more on using the LGBT movement for advocacy on other social issues or something like that.

People shouldn’t waste their time worrying about the clergy, he says. It doesn’t matter what your sexual identity is as long as you are loyal to Jesus.

And then things get weird. His next point becomes that “Queer Love”, which I think means the love of the LGBT community, is a force for social change which can challenge oppressive authorities, and we should use this for social issues. I can agree with that, but then, like a brick dropping out nowhere, he says we should fight against capitalism.

I do understand that gay rights is not the only social issue, and that the LGBT should have a prominent role in stimulating social change, but isn’t it a stretch to talk against capitalism in a Queer Theology forum? I mean, come on! Socialism vs. Capitalism is another issue altogether, one that different people within the LGBT community have different positions on. If the gay rights movement is to promote individuality, then the LGBT have their own opinions on an issue which is far removed from their own cause.

There is a difference when it comes to citing previous works in a scholarly paper versus giving one on a talk. On paper, the reader has the time to read the references that are cited. On a lecture, the audience does not, so the lecturer, when citing points made by other authors, should actually say those points rather than take it for granted that the audience understands, especially if the audience is not familiar with the topic. This was another quality of the talk that I had my beef with.

From his first point to the last, Villarmea’s lecture was peppered with citations to authors and previous works, without even giving us a brief overview of the points. This left the audience grasping for threads of discussion which we couldn’t connect with each other. It’s amazing how he managed to make the audience lose interest on such a controversial and interesting issue just using this method alone. His capitalism reasoning probably had some slight credence to it too, but he just cited some names and then popped it out without explaining the connection between the two, why capitalism is bad for LGBT rights.

I had to ask him in the Q&A portion to explain the connection between the two. What did he answer? That A) apparently, businesses have usurped the unique fashion of the gay community which once was worn to express freedom from the norms, and turned it into lucrative clothing lines, and B) blah blah blah we must fight not just for our own cause like for feminists blah blah blah. I swear, point B sounded like that to me. Maybe it was just me not listening properly to points made conflicting to my own (as per cognitive bias of the human brain), but I do believe he deflected the question with that argument B by making it intentionally incoherent. As for point A, I don’t need to be an expert in logic to know that that doesn’t even approach a solid case against Capitalism.

Of course the gay rights movement should support the feminist movement. Women empowerment falls within the penumbra of gender issues which the LGBT movement is entrenched in. It is easy to see a move towards greater equality for women being beneficial for sexual minorities, and vice versa. Now, is socialism a good predictor of how well the LGBT are tolerated in a particular society? Why is there neither a good reasoning explicitly given or empirical evidence provided?

at least this isn't about capitalism

One last thing, a question relevant to queer theology this time unlike evil evil capitalism. Villarmea says that it doesn’t matter what the church thinks. As long as one is loyal to Jesus, then one is still a good Christian. Well, a lot of the bigotry towards the LGBT has basis in the bible, and surely the bible is Villarmea’s basis for believing in the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. How does he separate the Jesus from the bible, and the bible from the bigotry? It’s just something I would like to wonder out loud.

To be fair, Villarmea did spend some time talking about other things. It’s just that they really didn’t stick as much as his social change talking point. I have to say that I would be surprised if a lot of people in the audience got them. The train of thought for his other discussions were just so loopy, the language too abstract and rarified that it might have been more profitable to talk about the more esoteric implications of string theory. That would have made more sense.

All in all, it wasn’t really worth my going there. There was none of that hypocritical tolerance for the LGBT while denying their rights, so it wasn’t as much fun to bash. Also, though the points were pro-LGBT, they were done badly and mixed in with irrelevant and tangent issues.


This post is brought to you by coffee, exhasparation and my hair getting longer.

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January 29, 2012 at 8:19 pm

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Eating OC-ness

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Sometimes when I eat food I do these weird practices and tics which are probably a symptom of a mild obsessive disorder. It’s one of the weird things that I happen to have, I guess. I have been racking my brain for something to blog about so this was the solution I came up with: post my insanity on the internet.

So anyway, without further ado, I present to you the weird practices which I do with food:

1. Plate Arrangement. Not really a practice, more like quirk. I put the rice towards the far side of the plate and other items on the near side (towards me). It’s not really for any reason in particular, it’s just that I have always done it and I’m used to it.

Funny story, really, how I started using plates and put the rice on the far side. I was told to let my forearms sit on the edge of the table when I’m not using the spoon and fork that I’m holding. At first, when I was a kid, I thought that you should always keep the forearms stuck to the edge of the table at all times. This meant that I had to scoop food from the plate in a mantis-like pose and it was easier to scoop the rice from the far side so that my wrists wouldn’t be at such a steep angle. And that, my friends, is how I started putting rice at the other end of the plate.

Also, the ketchup or other equivalent sauce must be put at the opposite end of the plate from the rice because every time my rice gets smeared with ketchup, I die a little bit inside. Just because.


2. Order of preparing drinks from powdered mixes. This is actually quite a new quirk that I just developed from making coffee where I volunteer. I have not followed this with as much compulsiveness as the other rules. The rule is to use the most generalist powdered item first, then move on to the more specific powdered item. What I mean by that is that whatever powder gets used for more types of drinks gets added first than those that are used more specifically for only a few types of drinks. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll give an example of making coffee with sugar and creamer.

I add the sugar first because that’s used for almost any type of drink. I then add the instant coffee before the creamer because instant coffee is used for both coffee with or without cream whilst cream is used only in coffee with cream.

Science writing advice: never ever do a diagram like this

There is a reason for this madness. I add the sugar first so that when bits of powdered sugar stick to the teaspoon, as I add coffee, it will still be okay for the next person who uses the coffee since he will not find anything wrong with having sugar in the instant coffee jar. However, if I were to find residues of coffee in the sugar jar because the teaspoon was used first on coffee then on sugar, I would feel bad about using the sugar to make tea because there’s coffee all over it. Same goes for the relationship between coffee and creamer.


3. Making Tea. Something I developed long before rule #2. I put the tea bag and fill the cup with hot water. I wait for the tea to seep into the cup, remove the bag, and add sugar and milk. The idea is that I must not put the sugar or milk while the tea is still seeping from the tea bag into the hot water. I’m afraid that the addition of the sugar and milk as additional solutes will affect the solubility of the tea in hot water. It probably hasn’t got a significant effect, but I’m not taking any chances. :(

I’ll just do three for now. I have a lot more weird food rules which I might add in a second post. I’m about to go to bed so I just wrote the minimum amount of rules. Besides, this post is probably boring you to hell as it is.

– o –

This post is brought to you by old anime opening songs, a cup of swiss miss and charlieissocoollike

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January 14, 2012 at 11:33 pm

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Hipster Briefs…

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unpacked a new pair, then I got this idea from the plastic


– o –

This post is brought to you by The Origin of Species.

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January 12, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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12L: Sticky and Daring

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2012, easing my way back into blogging. Starting with something light and easy. Must find a way to write in complete, non-contracted sentences.


So last year there was this thing that happened once where I was on my way back home from Ayala. I was browsing books, I believe, and by the time that I went off to commute, it was rush hour. Naturally, the queue to the 12L was lightyears long, so I had to wait quite a bit to get on a jeep.

The wait was almost over when the first thingy happened. You know how annoying it is when the jeep is full but the conductor still wants to stuff one more person in, especially when you know you will be included in the batch of people to ride the next jeep. It was one of those moments, and people started to grumble.

Salvation was delivered to us from a very unlikely angel. A girl volunteered to ride the packed 12L so that the next 12L could be used. However, where normally I would feel relief at this point, I had other thoughts. The girl was chubby, and you could tell there was very little space left on the full jeep. I swear, everybody in the queue stared as she walked into the jeep in much the same way probably that his students stared at Socrates as he drank the hemlock. We were stunned at her amazing feat of confidence for volunteering to go.

Anyway, the second thing happened when I got on the next 12L. The guy on my left just extended his arm over the backrest on the jeep, so that he essentialy had that arm over my shoulder and that of the girl on my right. I got the brunt of it though, because to make matters worse, he faced towards his right. Towards me. With his stupid face three to four inches from my head and breathing down my neck. And I couldn’t move away because the jeep was packed. I’m sure this has happened to everybody at least once, but Gaaah! Personal space, dude.


This blog post was brought to you by a tuna sandwich, my unfinished short story about taxidermy, and a wooden stick.

(I’m trying to make this a thing where my blog posts are “brought to you by” random bits of things that happened to me on the day I wrote those posts.)

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January 8, 2012 at 11:31 pm

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