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Because many people forget the fact that human bodies are as much a product of microbial communities as they are of human cells and cell-products. Every open orifice is an ecosystem for bacteria, and let’s not even talk about the gut. They help protect our bodies from pathogenic bacteria by elbowing them out by competition as well as help us in digestion (bacteria in the gut for example synthesize B-vitamins). In fact, bacterial cells outnumber human cells in the human body ten to one.


Also, Pi day was March 14 the past week, so here’s a math limmerick

There once was a killer from Flatland
He’s been the cos of some crime
The police they have been
Checking out the crime scene
And found that he fled leaving sines

– o –

This post is brought to you by Les Miserables.


Written by rubiscodisco

March 18, 2012 at 10:28 pm

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