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So the holidays are coming, and whether it’s Christmas, or Hannukkah,  or Mithras day, or Newton day, its quite expected that people are to give gifts to each other in this occasion.

People somehow have many different opinions on the whole gift-giving craze of the holidays. There are those, for example, who think that gift-giving and the holidays in general are extravagant and nothing more than a ploy to get consumers to blow off cash and stimulate the economy. Then, there’s the stress and hassle of it all, especially in the picking out of gifts. I think it was Bridget Jones who said that people should just pay other people to buy them things and wrap it for them. This would make much more sense than the usual disappointments we get when a poor, misguided loved one decides that a muffin-maker or some other horrid item is a good gift idea.

On the other hand, if we did do as Bridget wanted, it would do nothing to distribute wealth evenly across the people. Only rich people would get the best gifts, and the poor would get the more shoddy ones. Inequality is such an awful thing, and should at least be mitigated. After all, the theme of the season is generosity and sharing.

But if we really were to be logical about the entire thing, we should ask ourselves this: is the thrill of not knowing what to expect for presents really worth the risk of disappointment over bad presents? A simple cost-benefit analysis is in order, and for me, I’d rather have a pretty good idea of having a good gift rather than have a chance at a pleasant surprise, if I run the risk of being disappointed. And we also have to take note that this also minimizes the waste of all those presents that were never wanted and so were never used.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to publish a list of suggestions – and take note, these are merely suggestions – for presents for me. Now there are probably only like, 3 people who give gifts to me during the holidays, so I’ll try to make the list interesting to the rest of you.

– o –

1. A Book Light

So my commute from work involves a 40-minute ride in the jeep, and I usually take this time to read a book. In fact, I have significantly increased my rate of book-finishing simply because of always reading during my commute. My problem is that the jeep lights are usually at the front part of the jeep, so I have to sit there to read. Being quite an obsessive person, it has been bugging me that sitting near the front increases the risk of sustaining injuries in the event of a road accident by a bit. Yes, I know it’s a small bit, but as I said, I obsess. Therefore, if anyone is willing to gift a booklight, know that you’ve reduced my risk of road-related injuries by about 0.0001%.

2. Books

You get the general idea here. If somebody gives me a booklight, my reading speed will increase even more. In this case I’d probably finish a lot of books. I like fantasy and sci-fi, non-fiction science, and literary fiction, but probably any book will do as long as it isn’t vapid. Better text me if I’ve read the book already though, since buying me something I’ve finished reading would mean more waste. Speaking of waste, I am not averse to receiving used/secondhand books. In fact, I encourage it.

You can also check out which books I have already read in Goodreads. On the other hand, if you’re feeling generous, a gift coupon or discount card at Fully Booked wouldn’t go amiss. ;)

3. Outdoor gear

Okay, so I’m a bit lazy when it comes to buying things I need sometimes. For example, I’ve been in a job where I have to actually go on field survey every so often, yet I haven’t really gotten around to getting good gear for outdoor activities. That’s why it’s a good idea to gift me anything which might be useful for being in the outdoors for weeks without electricity: swiss army knives (though those are expensive), sleeping bags, even trusty lighters would be much appreciated. Being handy, portable, and useful is the key.

4. Travel-pillow

I’ve always wanted those toilet-seat-shaped pillows that your wedge on your neck. They look like silly floaters, and could probably save me from drowning at a pinch. Also, I travel semi-regularly at work, so this would be a good thing to have.

– o –

Actually, I don’t really have anything other than those three that I really want for the holidays. It was just good to make a conscious choice to reduce waste and disappointments, because gods know, there are plenty of sources for those elsewhere. These are of course just suggestions, and I won’t get mad if you experiment with other gifts (though I’d hate to say I told you so if I’m not happy with your gift… I’m kidding, of course). Happy holidays to the readers, and just remember that this is the season for giving, that appreciating other’s gifts is key, and that my shirt size is medium, my pants size is 28″-30″, my shoe size is 8″, and I like light colors.


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November 25, 2012 at 12:12 am

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  1. #1 and #2 for me too. I love it when people give me books. Makes me think that they want me to read something special in that book…something that I need to know. Then, it would be fun to be also discussing it after.


    December 9, 2012 at 12:45 am

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