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Moth on a Train

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Last Saturday (and by last Saturday I mean August 3, 2013) was surprisingly busy for me spending my whole day outside. On the other hand, let’s face it, any weekend where I get out of my room for more than two hours is already out-of-routine busy, but today was especially eventful because, dun-dun-duuuun, I went to Cinemalaya!

I watched Transit, which is about a family living in Israel with their children under threat of these children being deported. I unfortunately overslept and so by the time I got to the theater, the movie was already halfway through, but the part that I was able to watch was, well, -ood. (As in I didn’t get to watch the first part, so it isn’t good. Okay, not very funny, but at least it doubles as a Doctor Who reference!)

Then afterwards, half succumbing to peer pressure from my two friends who went with me to the movies, and half in the sheer anger and frustration for having missed half of Transit, I watched Purok 7. It was about the life of two children (11-ish sister and 5-ish kid younger brother) whose mother has gone to work in China and whose father has a new wife. Their mother is on death row for drug trafficking, which is a constant source of tension in the movie. However, they manage to have light moments living life, and it’s all really rather cute and, though I hate using the word, heartwarming (*rolls eyes).

Me and the peer pressure

Me and the peer pressure. Photo by Albert of filipeanut

But what I really wanted to talk about was the trip on the way home. I took the LRT-1 train to SM North EDSA. By the way, my poor knowledge and laziness in exploring Manila has bitten me in the ass, cause I got down two stations away, thinking that SM was near Monumento Station (that stupid map at Vito Cruz station was inaccurate!). But anyway, LRT-1 was really full at the time, with people’s bodies touching completely. In most situations, what I was doing to the large dude in front of me could be construed as sexual harassment, and all that was going through my head was “awkwardawkwardawkwardawkward….”. Until I was entertained.

There I was, getting bored in the uncomfortable packing, when I looked up and saw a moth riding the train. I’m sure I was the only one who noticed it there, nobody else was looking up. It was near the air conditioning ducts to the side of the door. I couldn’t tell what species it was because I know next to nothing on insects, but I’m pretty sure it was a type of hawk moth (Sphingidae). I’ll try to draw what it looks like, or you can just google “hawk moth” for a better illustration.

What the moth must be thinking (If it could think, that is. I have more neurons in my optic nerve than in its whole nervous system) while lost in that train. It probably wandered in from some station, and would have been surprised by the very cool air conditioned environment and the distinctive armpitty odor of crowds. It was fun to watch as it clung there, especially since the force of inertia as the train starts up after stopping on a station makes it swing backwards, its legs frantically scrabbling so it won’t fall. But finally, it was time to me to get down two stations too early in north EDSA, and I had to part ways with the moth.

it looked something like this, but brown.

it looked something like this, but brown.

So that was one happy thing that happened yesterday. I hope that moth turns out okay, or that it had at least been successful in leaving behind offspring. It was a cute moth.

– o –

This post is brought to you by random vlogging.


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August 5, 2013 at 10:48 pm

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In which I draw semi-okay and show you the pictures

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Oh gods! Haribon did not tell me to do this, I promise! It’s just I didn’t have anything else to write and this seemed like fertile material. On the other hand, since this is what I’ll be discussing, let me take this opportunity to pimp out our fun run.

– o –

Last week, somebody at work convinced me to draw a few pictures for the Million Hectare Challenge ads. And before you say anything about the grave error in their part for asking me – somebody who is not a professional artist – to do it, they did intend to get amateur and home-made drawings from Haribon Members, so that’s ok. Anyways, I was asked to draw three wildlife species for the ads.

I sometimes geek out on a particular project and devote a lot of effort into it for no reason in particular, other than the satisfaction of obsessing over something. That is definitely what happened here, and so I figured I might as well show the pics.

The first one is of the Philippine Hanging Parrot, also known as Colasisi (as in the poem-games of the olden times for the Bisaya). Loriculus philippensis is a small parrot endemic to the Philippines (surprise, surprise) and it lives in forest areas. It’s quite common, actually. I’ve seen more than a few in the many birdwatching trips that I’ve been in, and I’ve seen many being caged as pets in houses and illegal vendor’s stores.

My right wrist was really aching by the end of drawing this one, and this was only the first of three. I don’t own a digital pen-thingy, so I had make do with a mouse. It was quite fun though, and I’m glad of how it turned out since this was my first time to paint anything remotely realistic. You will note that the background suffers from lack of detail, something that is common for all three drawings. That’s because I get tired after having drawn the subjects themselves and just went “oh to hell with it…” and did a few strokes for the scenery.

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November 9, 2012 at 12:07 am

Grave messages

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Yet again, I have found my blog devoid of an entry for more than a month. I’ll try to make this at least semi-regular again and mean it this time. How have I been doing? I have been busy with work, which will probably soon spill into this blog in one or two articles coming soon. Anyways, here’s a belated halloween-themed article. Hope you like it.

– o –

Today I got to visit the cemetery with my Aunt’s family. There wasn’t much to say about the trip, really. We only came to visit one gravestone (Somebody I did not know personally from her husband’s – my Uncle’s – side of the family). The trip was long, and the weather was hot and humid, but I enjoyed the long walk towards the gravestone, which was a the far end of the cemetery. Only a few birds were out (Lanius cristatus and Gerygone sulphurea).

I had to think up of a way to entertain myself during our brief stay, so while the cousins were off to the long queue of the drinks stand, I was busy looking at the gravestones in the field. I got the idea from Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, actually. He used to introduce the ghosts in the story by their year of birth and death, and their epitaph. I listed down a few notable gravestones.

While most of tombstones had run-of-the-mill boring epitaphs that said things like “Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:15) and “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” (Psalm 23), some really did try with their own quotes and managed to be mildly interesting.

For example, one went:

Diosdado V. Todifa
January 23, 1993 – September 9, 1996
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven – Ecclesates 3:1

Another was a stone which I had read only as we were going, and so I couldn’t list down its details. It’s epitaph went:

“Parting is all we know of heaven”

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November 2, 2012 at 12:12 am

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