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Wish List 2013!

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This year, I want to keep the tradition of putting up my own christmas wish list for friends and family who are planning to give me presents this christmas. There are many reasons to why I am planning to make this a tradition of mine. First of all, it minimizes waste from gifts that didn’t fit, that I don’t use, or that I would want to throw away. Secondly, it takes the pressure off the person looking for what gift to give me, because she or he (usually a she) can be assured of buying me something that I like. Thirdly, it ensures that I’m happy with the gift that I get. Anyway, here are some wish list items:

Books. This is a no-brainer for me. While I do have particular tastes in books, I’ll probably still be happy even if you give me a book I never heard of. If you want, you can check out my goodreads page to see a list of books that I want to read, and to see which ones I have read already. Also, it’s totally okay to text me if I already have the book you intend on buying or not. Classics, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror are my favorites, and I’m not a big fan of romance or inspirational books. A few books I’d want on my shelf would include Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett, Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett again, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke, Smaller and Smaller Circles by F. H. Batacan, and Foundation by Isaac Asimov. If you bought it from a secondhand bookstore, I would like it even more, provided it’s still in readable condition.

Board or Card Games. Something fun to bring for a game night with friends would be nice. Some of the newer, cooler games would be good, like things where imagination is a big plus such as GloomDixit, and Story War. More competitive games along the lines of Settlers or Catan  or Ticket to Ride will also be appreciated.

Video Games. Something I can play on the PC would be great. I like RPG’s more than FPS games. I don’t care if the game is old, or has minimalist graphics, as long as it’s fun.

Clothing and Apparel. Personally, I’d prefer bold bright colors, or patterned clothes. I don’t like clothes with conspicuously large brand logos in them, I don’t really care for that. I used to buy my tops in medium, but I’m starting to buy the small sizes, since I look a bit coat-hangery in medium. I like things that are whimsical, or a bit cheeky. My favorite pair of shoes are purple chucks with a pointed, wizardy tip, and I own a pair of black jeans that have small slits at the side of the ankles, so that’s the kind of whimsy I’m talking about. Even a cool, quirky pin would make me happy though. Ooh, also, shirts with funny or geeky quotes, or that reference science, internet, or nerd culture, would be so loved.

I’d also like a new pair of pants that aren’t black or blue or khaki, but a new color. Nothing too bright, a muted or subdued color will do. I am a size 29-30. I don’t like skinny jeans. Buying me pants from a thrift shop/ukay-ukay store would make your gift even more awesome. Tops fade a lot, so I’m not sure about tops from the thrift shop, unless it’s a jacket. I wouldn’t risk giving me shoes though, because it might not fit me even if you know my size, but a coupon for a shoe store would be nice :P.

It’s also okay to surprise me, really. I am merely putting those things above as a guide, and any gift or card would be so nice. Tools or things that are useful would be a great thing. Donations in my name to a charity I like would also be great. I recently lost my swiss army knife (Victorinox), so that can be a great gift too. Anyway, thanks in advance for buying me a gift! :)


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