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Happy Darwin Day! ♥

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Today is the birthday anniversary of Charles Darwin. It’s Darwin Day! And it’s also Valentines day on Tuesday. So I made this Darwin Day / Pre-Valentines Day tribute for y’all. It’s a bio novelty poem. Expect cheeziness. :3


I’m sitting in the lab with my thoughts, all alone
And everything’s quiet except for the drone
Of the centrifuge on the side, which I paid no mind
‘Cause my thoughts were of you, there I sighed and pined

I should really get to work with testing this locus
But thinking of you, I just cannot focus
Don’t even get me started with collections from the field
The sample bags lie empty, still brand new and sealed

But what can I do when I’m thinking of you?
I have so much to tell you, if only you knew
I should drop this pipettor, out with it and say
That I’d rather be with you than do these assays

I mean, isn’t it obvious as plastids on a plant
That I love you my dear, if I could do what I want
I’d choose you to caress than this common thale cress
Oh – that’s Arabidopsis thaliana if you’re really clueless

It started out small like the opening of a gate
Which causes an action potential to propagate
Then the next thing I knew I was so into you
I’m down with the sickness, it ain’t avian flu

Maybe I have to check my otoliths’ performance
Cause when I’m with you I feel so out of balance
You’re growing on me, but not the parasitoid kind
Babe, like a Cordyceps, you’re messing with my mind

You make my heart wish to beat faster than it could meet
With this measly sinoatrial node’s average feat
Like a boa constrictor, you leave me out of breath
And I’m certain, baby, that I’ll love you to my death

Even to the next era, my love will endure
When I tell you I love you, believe me I’m sure
Sure as population separation causes allopatric speciation
Significant as hell, well over standard deviation

And if you’d say yes if I ask for a date
I’ll be yours, unchanging as a committed cell fate
I promise to always be faithful to you
Like nerves to a somite’s derivatives, true

So if I ask, dear, then with others don’t bother
I’m sure that you’ll see, we’re perfect for each other
Like Enzyme and substrate, Like cDNAs
Like SNAREs on a vacuole, a perfect embrace

Alas though, I pine in this room, still just one
My chances with my better half seem to have gone
You’ve chosen another, I was to slow
My regret running deep as a tap root can grow

But still my love for you will not die
Unlike a creationist, I’ll never deny
Because dear you’re the Darwin of my life
And nothing makes sense except in your light


Eat your heart out, “premature ventricular contractions”.

PS: Kadakong CHAR!


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February 12, 2012 at 10:45 am

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