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The STC issue: why consent isn’t everything

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I think everybody knows about the STC issue. The whole drama has sort of blown over Cebu last week and the first half of this week. Now that things have quieted down and the long holidays have given me the time to actually write this, allow me to be a scumbag and bring the topic back up again. No, I’m not finished with this issue it yet, and if you read post perhaps you’ll think the same.

As with the Kony 2012 post, this article will be a summary of the news and POVs of all the internet articles I could find on the issue, and I will add my own commentary and opinions.¬†Little heads-up: the first part of the article is just a summary of all the news I acquired on the issue. If you’ve been following the news the whole time, just skip to the second part starting with “Comments“. I will also make updates if further points are pointed out to me by readers. Whew. Anyways, let’s start.


UPDATE #1: A friend suggested to me that perhaps I should give an abstract to the thing since this is pretty long.

PART 1: Summary of the news — students barred from graduation ceremony by the school sued STC — judge rules in favor of students and issues a TRO — STC prevents the girls from attending the ceremony TRO nonwithstanding — STC issues a press conference in defense of their actions — observations on internet reaction on the issue.

PART 2: I examine the way that the girls’ case was dealt with by STC and whether due process was given — I assert that STC’s policies were dubious and that therefore the consent of the girls to such policies, the consent which is given by the fact that they enrolled to the school, is not enough to shield STC from action since the policies themselves were faulty — I assert that the original policies that the girls violated were dubious since they involve an unnecessary invasion of the right to privacy — I assert that the policy followed by the school for giving disciplinary action to the girls were also dubious as they did not grant due process to the side of the girls — I quote the judge in saying that the justification given by STC for defying the TRO is “lame and flimsy” — comments on public opinion regarding the issue — letter to the bikini-wearing theresians.

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April 8, 2012 at 2:20 pm

What is with Kony 2012?: Updated

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For those people that were living under a rock, this video is taking over the internet.

And I’ve been watching the intense internet discussion on the controversy of Invisible Children (IC). Since that video was released, there was a nearly immediate shooting down of the Kony 2012 campaign by critics who say that we shouldn’t support IC. I have been reading through all the critics blogs, the counterarguments, etc. just to get the real story behind the controversy (though who knows if I get it yet) and this is what I came up with.

Note here that arguments and counterarguments based on facts cannot be independently verified, so I have to stick with what the internet tells me. Take everything skeptically (even this statement).

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March 10, 2012 at 3:35 pm

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