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I’m back, and it’s raining cats and dogs

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Yes, I know. This blog hasn’t been looked at from the inside for three months now. What can I say? I decided to leave off blogging for a bit since I moved. Now I’m back, and it’s raining here.

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So it’s been raining in Manila for a week now, but the weather hasn’t been that consistent. It starts off perfectly sunny in the morning, and continues to be quite fine up to the late afternoon. It starts to rain, and rain heavily at that, when I’m in the middle of my commute home. Of course, this is orders of magnitude better than having it rain all day I suppose, but I can’t help but feel betrayed by the weather when I have to step out of a jeep and walk a hundred meters or so and the water is seeping up my pants.

Also, if you’re a short person with an umbrella, and you stick too close to me while holding your umbrella low over your head making the edge poke at the nape of my neck over and over again, I will spend the rest of my walk plotting a horrible future for you. I won’t do anything, for sure, but if thoughts could kill… Well, anyways, I digress…

Murder weapon – Photo from

Two days ago (from the time of my writing this), I was yet again walking through the pouring rain and I thought about the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs”. And just as trains of thought often lead to the most bizarre places, I wondered what it would look like if it actually rained cats and dogs.

Well, first of all, cleanup would be a mess. All those bodies going splat would ruin everybody’s day. Not to mention that the terminal velocity for a falling cat or dog is probably big enough to damage property and cause serious injuries on impact. But how many cats and dogs would rain if it were raining cats and dogs? In short, if it rained as much cats and dogs as the amount of water that usually falls during heavy rain, how many cats and dogs would that be? That is where the maths come in, because I totally geeked out and computed it.

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Written by rubiscodisco

July 17, 2012 at 10:05 pm